Option 1 or 2?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Option 1

800m Run

50 Devil’s Press

800m Run

Option 2 (only take this option if you’re feeling… crazy)

1 Mile Run

100 Devil’s Press

1 Mile Run

*See Instagram video for single arm version if you only have one DB.  Another option is to do burpees instead of Devil’s Press.

**If you don’t want to/can’t run for 800m sub 200 jump rope or 2x 50 jumping jacks/50 butt kickers

Cash Out

4 Rounds

20 Curls (hammer, single kb, db, whatever- just pump it up) 

12 DB Overhead Tricep Extension (keep elbows close)

*Rest :90-2:00 between sets

The Machnik Home Gym Set Up



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