13.2 Recap!

13.2- VICTORY!

The second week of the CrossFit Open has come and gone, and once again we had a tremendous showing at CrossFit Hyannis!!!  People tackled 13.2 with energy and determination, and once again there were PRs and victories abounding.  When the workout was announced some said it was “too light” while some worried whether they would be able to put 75lb over their head- whichever camp you fell into, I think we can all agree that ten minutes never seemed so damn long.  The energy at CrossFit Hyannis on Friday was amazing, with people really getting into competition-mode and getting their game faces on.  I heard more than a few people say they were “too excited to sleep,” bringing back that old “we’re going to Disney tomorrow” feeling.

 Gary the night before Open workouts…

We had some great performances with the top scores for men being Chris Johnson (266), Adam LaPlante (265), and the top-officially registered Open competitor Chris Field (247).  The top female scores were Holly DiMartile (253), Bridget Armstrong (241), and Katie Clancy (235).  Congrats to Chris Field and Holly for winning a $20 gift card to Cape Cod Nutrition Corner- and thank you to CCNC for helping sponsor the prize!

As we all know, CrossFit is about more than just getting the best time or the most reps in a workout.  It’s about pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible, attacking challenges with a warrior spirit, and ultimately proving to yourself that you are in fact strong, confident, and capable.  This week’s CFHY Spirit of the Open winner goes to Audrey Miller, who showed the heart of a true competitor this week.  When 13.2 was announced with 75lb shoulder to overhead, Audrey had never hoisted this much weight over her head before.  Instead of resigning herself to not being able to complete the workout- she doggedly and persistently worked to accomplish her goal.  Audrey spent Thursday watching videos of push jerks, split jerks, and Oly lifts galore.  Friday evening she went to The Cove with her husband to work on shoulder to overhead… the most she could get was 65lb.  So what did she do?  She came in Saturday and worked on them some more, committing herself to learning the split jerk and getting that bar over her head.  AND SHE DID IT.  After taking the time and effort to practice and persist on Thursday, Friday and Saturday she came in Sunday and conquered 13.2.  Not only did she get 75 pounds up once for a PR, she went on to get it 15 TIMES completing a full 3 rounds.  We are so proud of Audrey and her indomitable spirit- thank you for giving us another amazing Open victory!

Chris Field, game face on.


Katie’s had two strong performances in the Open WODs!!!


Adam, unofficial Open athlete. Maybe next year if we all convince him he’ll actually register :)

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