13.3 Recap!

Another great week in the CrossFit Open has come and gone.  This week athlete’s battled a 12 minute AMRAP of 150 wallballs, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups.  WHAT FUN!  I mean honestly Karen isn’t fun enough- CF HQ gave us the opportunity to take it on under the duress of being judged and knowing that if we finished we had double unders and muscle ups waiting for us!  Ahh the pure joy!  It was once again great to see people push their limits and preconceived boundaries.  Many men and women who had never used the 20/14lb ball had their first experience with it last week, and it seemed like they were really enjoying it!  It’s amazing how heavy 20/14lb can feel, and how high 10/9 feet seems.  Despite some “no reps” (just a few) being thrown around, everyone attacked the WOD for the full twelve minutes.  And I think we all were reminded of an important lesson- true friends no rep.  Because we care.

The aftermath of 13.3

The aftermath of 13.3

There were a lot of great performances this week, with the top male score being Adam LaPlante (245/7:25/10:18), the top registered male Pablo Martinez (244/9:19/11:12), and the top female Bridget Armstrong (240/8:27/10:46).

This week our Spirit of the Open award goes to Pablo Martinez for his gutsy performance on 13.3.  Pablo finished his wallballs in 9:19 and double unders in 11:12- leaving him only 48 seconds to get FOUR muscle ups.  He attacked the wallballs, finessed through the double unders, and muscled through the… muscle ups.  In lieu of further explanation- watch this video and be inspired.  Pablo Muscle Up

Can’t wait to tackle 13.4 this Friday!


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