13.4 Review!

13.4- we came, we saw, we conquered!  This workout seemed to have something for everybody, and yet also something everyone hated.  Pretty amazing in a couplet.  It seemed as if people were either initially worried about the clean and jerks or the toes to bar, but in the end everyone battled hard and emerged victorious after seven minutes.  We had athletes hit 95lb for the first time, and also hit T2B for the first time-congrats to all who had PRs in this workout!

The top scores for men were Adam LaPlante with 82 reps, and the top officially registered male Chris Tucy with 75 reps.  For the women, Bridget once again topped the leaderboard with 64 reps and Christina Pagella behind her with 57 reps.  Great job guys!!!

Thumbs up if you’re elite!

This week the CFHY Spirit of the Open award goes to Tom, the “WOD Father,” Falkowski for his tenacity and triumph in 13.4.  In last year’s Open Tom spent approximately 17 minutes of an 18 minute AMRAP attempting toes to bar… to no avail.  A year later he was ready.  The Master’s weight was 115, and Tom methodically set up each rep of the first three clean and jerks before moving on to the toes to bar- where he cranked them out.  He went on to do a total of 38 reps, meaning he completed the round of 9 and got 2 clean and jerks into the round of 12.  Sweet victory!  Alas, Tom was not satisfied with his performance and attempted 13.4 the next day.  Despite the fact that he got the same score on his second go around, Tom put himself out there and showed heart by attempting the workout a second time.  It’s amazing how much progress Tom has made in the past year- I can’t wait to see what he has in store in the future!

Don’t mess with the WOD Father.

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