15.2 CFHY Leader Boards and Notable Performances

Once again we had another great week at CrossFit Hyannis of people throwing down and pushing themselves on Open workout 15.2!  Everyone did great, but the notable performances below will be rewarded with a small prize.  Can’t wait to see what 15.3 brings!

This week’s winner are:
Top Performances in 15.2

Justin Endres and Pablo Martinez tied with a score of 137 reps

Spirit of the Open:

Tracey Machnik

Fourth time was a charm for Tracey in the battle against 14.2/15.2.  After doing the workout twice last year and coming away with a score of 38, Tracey knew this year would be different and she would get into the second round.  Except she didn’t.  At least not on her first attempt where she once again completed 38 reps, leaving her 2 reps shy of the next round.  Tracey decided to do the workout again, and on her second attempt her chest literally touched the bar on her last pull-up at the 3-minute mark.  As those around her cheered she walked away, thinking she was on rep 39… but she had in fact made it through all 40 reps to earn the opportunity to pick up the bar again!  She went on to complete an additional 19 reps in the round of 12s, proving that persistence and a positive mindset pays off.  Great job Tracey!


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