Sunday, December 23, 2012


26 Rounds

Perform 1 Act of Kindness

*Act may be big or small, but must be from the heart.  There is no time cap.

It has been over a week since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I have spoken with many of our members about that day and how hard it has been to understand the tragedy, how we have grieved the loss, and how we wish we could do something to help.  Despite our desire, it seems as if there is nothing we can do- and yet I truly believe that in all things we are called to find what goodness can come.  In an event as horrible as this, it’s hard to find any good- but not impossible.  As CrossFitters we don’t shy away from the hard- we find ways to work through it, together.

After a week of processing the events of that day and the unthinkable loss the families must be feeling, I recently saw this article and video- #26Acts Article and Video.  In it, Ann Curry suggests that we do 26 acts of kindness, big or small, to honor and remember the lives lost on Friday, December 14th.  What a beautifully simple, yet powerful, idea.  I was moved as I read more stories of the kind acts that have been, and continue to be, performed throughout the country and world.  I decided that I will begin the “#26Acts” WOD today and hope that you join me on this journey.  This is not a workout meant to be cherry-picked or DNF’d, but rather to be embraced and taken on with 100% effort.

In CrossFit we come to learn how to be better, stronger versions of ourselves- both physically and mentally.  We pursue excellence and virtuosity, but we learn along the way that the beauty of CrossFit goes beyond the movement- it goes to the heart of community.   The CrossFit Hyannis community is something special, and is truly capable of great things.  My challenge to each of you is to perform the WOD above as prescribed.  Don’t hold back.  Go out of your comfort zone.  Make it a PR, and make a difference.

Like any workout, I encourage you to track your results.  Write down each act you do, and share it with those you love- don’t be afraid to inspire others and create change.  I look forward to hearing about your acts of kindness and the way that you honor the lives of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

3-2-1… GO.

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