3 On/2 Off

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


EMOM 12, Alt.

Even: 14 Alt. Pistols

Odd: Ring or Bar MU, C2B, Pull Ups, or Ring Rows

*Leading up to the Open we will be doing “Skill EMOMs.”  These are meant to help develop, improve, and gain capacity in skill based movements.  Therefore they will look different for different people based on their current ability at that skill- both reps and the movements performed may vary for different people.  If the EMOM contains skills you are proficient at you will use the EMOM to gain more practice and capacity with those skills during this time, choosing reps that challenge you while helping you dial in your proficiency in that movement.  If the EMOM contains a movement you cannot do, you will use this time to work to develop that skill and scale it so it is appropriate for you.  The reps listed are simply guidelines. 


6 Rounds (total), Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Alternate between A and B:



15/12 Cal Row

15 KBS (55/35)



Bike for Calories

AAB Feet

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