A Love That Makes Us Better

Written by Katie for the February issue of Hyannis-Centerville Life Magazine:

A Love That Makes Us Better

Ah February- the holidays have come and gone, we’re well into our New Year’s Resolutions (stick with it!), and the bitter cold lingers on.  It seems like the cold, dark days will never end- and the reprieve and splendor of spring and summer seem so far off.  Yet right in the middle of this month we have Valentine’s Day, a holiday built on the greatest blessing we partake in- LOVE!  Just like being attentive to your diet and exercise are integral parts of living a healthy life, it’s just as important to take care of your personal relationships and your emotional wellbeing.

Although typically we think of Valentine’s Day as a way to honor and pay notice to romantic love, or perhaps we have an anxiety attack over our own singleness while binge eating chocolate, I thought it was an apt time to reflect on the power of love as a whole, and the very real notion that love can and should make you and those around you better, and reveal a more beautiful world and life.

Paulo Coelho, in his book “The Alchemist,” has a quote that speaks to this concept,  “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are.  When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”  Do the people and things in your life that you claim to love make you better, and therefore transform the world around you into a better place as well?  You are capable every day to partake in loving relationships that transform the world into a better place.  The love you create, both by accepting and offering it to others, can illuminate the world.  So too you are capable of putting such love into your work and daily responsibilities that the world is better simply by your being and your offering of yourself lovingly to the world.

Strive to have relationships in your life that are built on a love that transforms, a love that enhances.  I’m speaking about all of your relationships, not just with your significant other, but also with your friends, your co-workers, your family, and those you regularly encounter.  Have you surrounded yourself with people who help make you better than you are?  Do you act to lovingly make those in your life better?  If we are to believe Coelho, then if you answered yes to these questions everything around you will become better too.  Conversely, if you find yourself in relationships that leave you feeling neglected, disempowered, useless, or unloved- it is perhaps time to reevaluate who you associate with.  You are worthy of great love, love that betters you and the world.  Don’t settle for anything less than this!

In addition to partaking in genuinely loving relationships, we can also bring love into our daily actions.  If you can find passion in your daily routine, and allow your life’s work to contribute to the betterment of the human condition, even in a seemingly small way- you are without a doubt helping to make the world a better place.  I am fortunate enough to get to do what I love each day and I hope that through my actions, small though they may be, I somehow make things better for those around me.  This could in fact be our greatest calling- making those around us better through our love and actions.

I coach and own a gym- and I truly love what I do and whom I get to be with each day.  We are blessed to have a great community of members who train with us, and there is a real love that exists within the walls of our gym.  If you have ever been part of a community, whether it be a team, a family, friends or co-workers, who truly push each other and support each other in becoming the best version of themselves than you know what I am talking about and the power that exists within a loving community.  Find those people who make you feel alive and capable of greatness- because you are.

As we are inundated with pinks and reds, chocolates and flowers, and all of the commercialized aspects of Valentine’s Day don’t forget the true value of love.  Seek, offer, and accept relationships and a life that embody love in its truest sense- a love that makes you and everything around you better.

Tom and Michelle- still making each other better after 32 years!

“The love you create, both by accepting and offering it to others, can illuminate the world.”

“Find those people who make you feel alive and capable of greatness- because you are.”


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