“Ain’t No DNB”

Monday, January 27, 2020


EMOM 10, alt.:

3 Back Squat @ 85%

3 Press @ 85%


“Ain’t No DNB”

4 Rounds 

25 Wall Balls 

10 Clean and Jerks

R1- 135/95

R2- 155/105

R3- 165/115

R4- 185/125

We will be having a FREE Handstand Clinic on Saturday, February 1st at 11:00am-noon hosted by Janis Konkle, PT, DPT, CSCS who was a former Division 1 College Gymnast.  Below is a brief outline of what to expect- this is a perfect opportunity to try something new or hone your current skills.  No pressure, all fun and learning!  Hope to see you there!

  • Assessment of shoulder, wrist, and hip mobility
  • Mobility techniques for shoulder, wrist, and hip
  • Assessment of spinal control
  • Mobility techniques for spinal control
  • How to perform a handstand
  • Practicing the handstand progression:
    • Pike handstand
    • Pike handstand with leg lift
    • Donkey kicks
    • Handstand
    • Handstand against the wall
    • Optional: handstand push-up progression



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