Another week of pure bliss… and hard work.

Monday, May 13, 2013





“Little Moments”
3 Rounds

200m Run

10 Thrusters (115/75)

Spring Paleo Challenge… BONUS CHALLENGES:

Like last week, this week there are some additional opportunities to earn bonus points- with a total of 8 ADDITIONAL POINTS up for grabs. You may separate them over the week (you have until Sunday to do them).  You may also break up the individual challenges over the week.  Of course, anything done in regular class WODs does not count toward your weekly challenge.  Be sure to add any additional points on your weekly tracking sheet.  The challenges this week are:

-2 POINTS: 75 Curtis Ps (95/65- or scaled appropriately) 1 Curtis P=1 Power Clean, Lunge on each leg, 1 shoulder to overhead

– 2 POINTS: 150 MB Situps (ball thrown against wall), 100 MB Russian Twists, and 5 Minutes Holding the plank position

– 4 POINTS: Run/Jog/Walk/Shuffle in the YPD 5k this Sunday, May 19th. CrossFit challenges us to be prepared for anything and everything- whether you love to run or the thought of participating in a 5K terrifies you, TAKE THE CHALLENGE HEAD ON and sign up.  Your CFHY family will be there to support you, and you in turn will be supporting local charities and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.   You can register at the YPD Blue 5K- Run for a Reason website.  If cost is an issue (it’s $20), please talk to Katie.  You can do it.

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