Athlete of the Month August: Julie Wake

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is Julie Wake.  Julie is a regular member of the early morning crew, but also has been known to frequent the 10:00am class when her schedule allows.  Even when life outside the gym gets crazy, Julie recognizes that by committing to getting to the gym it can allow you to have a better handle on the chaos that life can be.

Julie has come a long way since first stepping foot into CrossFit Hyannis, and has done her due diligence learning the movements and taking her time to add weight to the barbell.  She sees the big picture, and knows that prioritizing moving well is the key to longevity.  She excels in running and regularly leads the pack on running workouts.  She’s also great at maintaining constant movement in workouts, rarely taking long breaks or staring at her barbell.

Throughout her time at CrossFit Hyannis Julie has conquered some fears, including those pesky 20” box jumps.  Although it wasn’t initially easy for her, she continues to overcome and get up on that box!  A great reminder that even if things don’t initially come easy, with work and faith in yourself progress can be made.

Julie is also a great example of someone who is able to juggle many responsibilities and ensure that she makes herself and her fitness a priority, despite the hectiness of life.  As a wife, mother of two, and successful businesswoman she still finds time to have an active social life and make it to the gym.  So often we hear the excuse of not having enough time, but Julie realizes that when she takes care of herself it allows her to be better in her roles as wife, mother, and businesswoman.  We are lucky to have Julie and her positive energy and creativity at CrossFit Hyannis!

Julie and Soren

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