Athlete of the Month – August

CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month – August 2012

Starting this month we will be recognizing a CrossFit Hyannis athlete of the month! Of course, with so many studs/studettes to choose from this is difficult. Each day at CFHY our members are pushing themselves, breaking through their fears, setting PRs, and becoming better versions of themselves. It is a blessing to be able to work with and witness so much awesome-ness on a daily basis. With that being said we did have to choose someone… So our CFHY Athlete of the Month for August 2012 is Nate Coughlan.

Nate Coughlan

First of all if you’re not sure who Nate is, he’s the one who never has a shirt on. :) He has been with us since the beginning, in fact he won his first month at CFHY free of charge from a drawing at the fire house- little did he know what he was getting himself in to. He has come a long way since that first day when he was out side “taking a breather” on the side walk- and we couldn’t be prouder! Over the last several months we have witnessed him transform- losing weight, gaining strength, and continuing to get better every day. He has become an integral part of the CrossFit Hyannis community, and we’re lucky to count him as part of our family here. He’s hit many big milestones over the last eight months, and many in the month of August. Some include: doing 33 unbroken pull ups, getting muscle ups, and hitting a 190lb clean and jerk PR in his first CrossFit competition at the Beantown Throwdown (and if he has it his way, walking on his hands). Nate can always be found at the gym working on his weaknesses, cheering on others, throwing down, and supporting our community. Congratulations to Nate for being our first CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month!

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