Athlete of the Month- June

The athlete of the month for June is the one and only Kristen Cronan.  As a loyal and committed member of the Cobra Kai (afternoon classes) she has a way of consistently showing up and working hard, while making us all laugh and have a good time.  She adds joy, enthusiasm, and support to our community and we are so grateful to have her as part of our CFHY family.

Kristen has developed into one of our strongest female athletes, and she has gotten to this point by building a solid base and not being afraid to push her limits, while also taking the time to lay a good foundation for herself.  She regularly makes “heavy weight” look like her plaything as she throws it into the air or squats it with ease.  She continues to work on her “goats” and pushes on even when frustrated.  Whether she is the first or last person done, Kristen never gives up but rather keeps pushing on until the very last rep inspiring us every step of the way.

One of the most admirable qualities about Kristen is the amazing role model she creates for her children.  She teaches Jack and Delaney to be strong and confident, and shows them through her commitment to bettering herself that we are all worthy of taking the time to make ourselves the healthiest and best versions of ourselves.  She is a strong, beautiful, confident woman who bears as witness to her children and the rest of us an example to emulate and respect.



Kristen is a fabulous role model for her children!

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