CFHY August Athlete of the Month: Afshin!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is the one and only Afshin!  The first time Afshin stepped in to the gym he was blatantly tricked by his sister Aynaz to just “come check out the gym” where she worked out.  We couldn’t be happier that Aynaz tricked her brother into coming into CrossFit Hyannis- because we’ve already become a better and more positive place due to his presence in the few months that he’s been here.

Afshin came in with a great attitude, ready to start where he was and tackle any and all challenges that came his way.  Being totally new to CrossFit he embraced it all with an adventurous spirit and childlike excitement.  That spirit and excitement soon transformed Afshin into a ferocious, insatiable man-beast who is only just beginning to realize his potential for greatness and unparalleled strength.  He strolls in looking dignified in his work clothes, but the moment he changes into his gym attire and pulls back his mane it’s go time.  Occasionally Afshin even gets to the gym early to rep out some bench and do accessory work, knowing what needs to be done to keep the ladies happy.  In the short time that Afshin has been at CrossFit Hyannis he has already established himself as one of our all-time top tier grunters/mid-WOD yellers as he yelps out his warrior cry with each rep.

In addition to his commitment to getting to the gym daily, Afshin has also stepped up his game with nutrition.  He has worked to eliminate toxic foods from his diet while emphasizing eating real, whole foods.  Working hard in the gym is great but Afshin recognizes that in order to reach his goals he’s got to commit on the nutrition side as well, and he’s done just that.  Afshin has started to transform his body, and he’s only just beginning.

Watch out world- we have unleashed the beast in Afshin, and there is no going back.

Afshin beast


CFHY July Athlete of the Month: Ashley G!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for July is Ashley G.  Ashley has been extremely consistent in her training, rarely missing a day.  She has made incredible progress since she began at CrossFit Hyannis and has taken a steady and consistent approach to her progress.  Due to this consistency, both her strength and skill level have improved tremendously- and this is only just the beginning.

Ashley is far stronger than she gives herself credit for, and often makes heavy barbells seem like they are light weight as she wields them around the gym.  She has continued to gain confidence and experience with her lifting, and the gains she has made are evident whether it be in attacking the strength work or choosing appropriately challenging weight for the WOD.

Ashley has also committed to attacking her weaknesses by doing Pursuit accessory work three times a week.  This has allowed her to hone in on her weaknesses and attack her goals.  Most notably are her improvements with gymnastics movements such as toes to bar and pull ups.  By committing to breaking it down and spending time learning and practicing the basics she has made incredible progress.

Ashley is a great example of someone who shows up every day and does the best she can on that day, while always working to better herself.  Great work Ashley!



CFHY June Athlete of the Month: The Honorable Susan!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for June 2017 is The Honorable Susan Sard Tierney.  It’s hard to know where to begin in describing Susan and what she brings to CrossFIt Hyannis and those around her, as her impact on this place has been profound.

For those of you who don’t know Susan recently was confirmed as a judge in Suffolk County and is being sent to Worcester for her duties.  Although this means we will be seeing less of her, we couldn’t be more proud of and happy for her and all that she has accomplished.  For anyone that knows Susan it comes as no surprise that the two-year process of becoming a judge ended in her new appointment- as she is one of the most committed, determined, and honest people around.

For the last several years Susan has been one of the rocks of the CrossFit Hyannis community.  She is here everyday Monday-Friday, no matter the workout, the weather, or the situation.  Susan would never, ever, not even for a moment consider “cherry-picking” a workout she didn’t like- it is not in her nature to avoid hard or challenging things.  Rather, she shows up ready to do work and attack her weaknesses head on – knowing it will only strengthen her in the long run.  As a coach, having Susan in class is always a pleasure and a relief- no matter what happens, I know that Susan has my back and will bring a positive energy to the class.  She’ll welcome new people, help the stragglers, and give her best effort.

Susan has been a model of consistency over the years.  She does what she can, when she can- and understands the bedrock concept of using CrossFit as lifelong fitness commitment.  It’s not about a PR on one day, a few months off because life got busy, and coming back to start over- it’s about making it a part of your life even when it isn’t easy because you value your health and wellness.

Susan embraces life with a steady head, dogged persistence, and a positive attitude.  We are so excited for her as she embarks on this new part of her life, and are proud to call her the CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month!

susan and audrey

susan comp


CFHY May Athlete of the Month: Kim Squier!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for May 2017 is Kim Squier!  Kim came to CrossFit Hyannis already dedicated to her health and fitness, and has only continued to get stronger and fitter with time.  She has a quiet confidence and humbleness about her… she doesn’t need to say anything for you to know that she means business.  Her presence speaks for itself- immediately upon meeting her you recognize her good nature and poise, but also realize that you’d be better served not to mess with her.

Kim is an incredibly dedicated and hard worker, and never makes excuses for anything or complains about any challenges.  She is extremely coachable and takes all suggestions and immediately begins working on them.  Like many of us, Kim walked into the gym for the first time with previous injuries and limitations- but she never let this stop her from putting in the required work to move well and continue to make progress.  She doesn’t expect anything to be easy, but rather commits to the process of continuous small improvements each day culminating in true progress over time.

Kim shows up each day with a positive attitude ready to work hard, have fun, and support those around her.  Whether it be learning new skills, working on her range of motion, or getting stronger- Kim attacks each challenge with determination and patience (a combination which is essential to success, but not always easy to adhere to).  We’re lucky to have Kim here at CFHY as an example of how to live a life of dedication and commitment!

Kim T2B


CFHY April Athlete of the Month: Paul Hartigan!

The CrossFit Hyannis April Athlete of the Month is Paul Hartigan!  Paul is a diehard member of the 6:30am crew, never missing a day and always coming in with a positive attitude and ready to do work!

Paul has been with us for several months, and has been consistently showing up since day 1.  He never makes excuses, he just diligently goes about working through the warm up, strength, and workout- no matter what it is.  Since joining Paul has also worked on dialing in his nutrition, participating in the Lurong Challenge and committing to making better decisions with his diet.  He understands that there’s no “quick fix” and has shown that he is committed to the journey.

Paul has made leaps and bounds in his fitness since he started at CrossFit Hyannis- from major improvements on his range of motion on squats and other movements, his overall strength in all lifts, his body awareness on body weight movements, and in his ability to perform burpees and jump rope.

Paul uses his fitness in various way outside of the gym, including regularly spending 6+ hours refereeing soccer games on the weekends then coming in to train hard on Monday morning.  He understands the value of positive routines, and has made the 6:30am class part of his daily routine in order to prioritize his health and fitness.  Paul also recently signed up for a Tough Mudder- which no doubt he will dominate with his current level of commitment and determination.  Paul has jokingly referenced his renewed interest to fitness as a “mid-life crisis” – and whether it is or isn’t, we’re just lucky that it led him to CrossFit Hyannis!

Paul Jump Rope

Paul DL

Paul Rower


CFHY February Athlete of the Month: Carrie Holmes!

The CrossFit Hyannis February Athlete of the Month is Carrie Holmes!  Carrie has been with us since the middle of the summer and her progress in strength, fitness, and mindset have been tremendous.  Carrie is a steadfast member of the 5:30am class, not even letting these dark, cold winter mornings keep her away.  As a mother of three she gets to the gym early in the morning before the chaos of the day, and by doing so provides a great example to her kids about the need to prioritize their own health and fitness and the need to take care of yourself.

Carrie has approached CrossFit with a great attitude- taking the time to learn to move well and build her strength gradually.  She exhibits a great desire to continue to improve and pushes herself appropriately each workout session.  As part of her willingness to embrace change and challenge, she recently participated in the Lurong nutrition challenge and absolutely crushed it.  Her commitment to eating well and using food as fuel improved not only her body but also her performance- she has been crushing it in the gym.  She also signed up for the Open and absolutely DEMOLISHED 17.1, finishing the brutal workout in 16:44.

Carrie understands that things take time, but it’s only through the daily commitment to showing up and putting in work that we move towards accomplishing our goals.

GRIND legacy






CFHY January Athlete of the Month: Mary Rahal!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January is Mary Rahal.  Mary started CrossFit at the age of 70 and has become a staple of the 6:30am class.  She proves every day that being fearless, excuse free, and consistently showing up are some of the major keys to living a vibrant and full life.

Mary heard about CrossFit from her daughter and tagged along to check it out when her daughter joined us for a few weeks at CFHY while on vacation last summer.  With some nudging and reassurance that we could appropriately scale and modify the workouts so they were appropriate for her- Mary got on board and started at CrossFit Hyannis.

Mary jumped right in with modified burpees, lifting, rowing, assault bikes, and all the other “fun” movements that we do in CrossFit.  She is participating in the Lurong nutrition challenge and dialing in her diet.

Coach Glassman has said from the beginning that “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”  We all need to be able to move well- whether that be on the athletic field or within or daily lives.  We need to be strong enough to handle our daily tasks- whether that be performing in a sport or bringing our groceries to the car.  We need to push ourselves physically and mentally in the constant pursuit of excellence and the quest to be better physically and mentally each day.  In CrossFit we all use constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity (which is relative) with the goal to be better, stronger, fitter, happier and healthier.

Mary exemplifies the spirit of CrossFit- she shows up, works hard, and challenges herself daily.  She is a great example that no matter where you are- your age, your current level of fitness, or any other factors it’s possible to get better each day as long as you show up and put in work.

Mary recently said that she has noticed an improvement in strength and health since beginning CrossFit.  After months of scaling burpees, today Mary did her first burpee in which she laid completely on the ground and stood up.  As much as some of us may complain about burpees- it’s important to occasionally remember that the burpee is essentially a life skill, both literally and metaphorically.  When you fall, you have to be able to get back up.

Congrats Mary, and thank you for being such an inspiring example!



CFHY December Athlete of the Month: Gina Nasah

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for December is Gina Nasah.  Gina always brings an incredibly positive energy to the gym and her hard, consistent work have led her to increased levels of strength and improvements in her overall level of fitness.

As a massage therapist, Gina understands the importance of taking care of her body- and has used CrossFit as one way to improve her health and fitness and help make her better at her job.  Her job is literally “hands on” and her training at the gym is a way for her to build up the strength and stamina needed to be such an amazing massage therapist (side note: if you need a massage go see Gina- you won’t be disappointed!).

Gina has been working diligently on all aspects of her fitness game, and her consistency is definitely paying off.  She has been working on her double unders regularly, both before and after class and during open gym.  She has slowly and smartly been increasing the weight she uses during workouts, getting out of her comfort zone as she continues to get stronger and stronger.  She works on skills regularly- knowing that this is the only way to improve.  And in true CrossFit fashion- she’s always ready for anything.  If someone throws out a crazy workout idea for her, she’s usually game.

Gina is a great asset to our CrossFit Hyannis community, and I have no doubt that with her positive attitude and determined spirit she will continue to make progress!

gina sled pull

Always up for a challenge!

Always up for a challenge!



CFHY November Athlete of the Month: Laura Bilodeau

The CrossFit Hyannis November Athlete of the Month is Laura Bilodeau.  Laura is an absolute inspiration in what it means to consistently work towards being better every day, prioritizing her health, and approaching each day with a positive attitude.

Laura came to CrossFit Hyannis several years ago with the intent to get in better shape for her son’s wedding.  She did just that and has never looked back- continuing to see progress in her overall fitness and strength.  She is a regular at the 10:00am class, but isn’t afraid to get up early or throw down in the afternoon if that’s all her schedule allows.

Not only does Laura attend CrossFit classes regularly, it’s not uncommon for her to bike to the gym or do a self-imposed mile run cash out as a bonus at the end of class.  She puts her fitness to use, going on biking trips in foreign lands where she shows the rest of the group how it’s done!

No matter the situation (even if its wall balls or burpees), Laura always comes to the gym with a smile on her face and an encouraging attitude to those around her.  She isn’t afraid to appropriately push herself, and has been putting up some impressive lifts lately.  We are lucky to have Laura at the gym, and I’m excited to witness her continued progress!

Laura B Guns


CFHY October Athlete of the Month: Cristina

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for October is Cristina Meirelles.  Cristina is one of our original members and has been an important part of our community over the last five years.  From the very beginning she has been present at all of our events, fundraisers, parties, competitions, and everything in between.  Over the years she has been a regular at both the morning and evening classes, and has even made her way in midday on occasion.

As a community member, Cristina has done more for our community than most people probably realize.  From helping at parties and events to helping clean up the gym to the hundreds of small, kind gestures over the last five years she has helped to make CrossFit Hyannis a better place.  She is always there to help with anything we need as a community and is welcoming to all current and new members as they start their journey at CFHY.

Beyond her important role as part of our community, she has also recently upped her game as an athlete.  She has been at CrossFit Hyannis from the very beginning, and has worked hard over those years in her daily training at the gym.  It’s impressive to maintain a commitment to working out over years and years, yet Cristina has continued to show up and do just that.  She recently dialed in her diet and has seen tremendous gains in the gym.  She is getting stronger by the day, and has been PR’ing all of her lifts recently.

After nearly five years of CrossFit, Cristina is still making amazing progress, becoming healthier, and getting stronger.  We are so grateful to have Cristina as part of the CrosFit Hyannis family and for her continued support of the gym.

Cristina Group AOTMCristina Camp games