CFHY April Athlete of the Month- Margaret Clancy

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for April 2018 is Margaret Clancy.  Margaret has only been with us for a few months but has already made insane improvements in her strength, skills, and overall conditioning.

Clearly we knew Margaret would be tough and able to handle whatever was thrown at her, due to surviving as Katie Clancy’s daughter her entire life- but she has exceeded all expectations that we could have even put on her out of the gate.  First of all, she dove right in to the 5:30am class and quickly became a staple member- not afraid to get into the banter and show those guys what she’s got.

The strength gains that Margaret has made over the last several months have been extremely impressive- and she’s done it through a consistent and steady approach.  Once getting comfortable with the movements, she just steadily continues to appropriately push herself and get out of her comfort zone a little more each day.  In addition to getting stronger with the bar, she has made immense improvements on gymnastics skill movements- recently achieving her first unassisted pull-ups.

One might imagine it could be tough to walk into a gym in which your mom is a staple member and find your own place- but Margaret has quickly done just that.  It’s kind of like, “Katie who?”  (KIDDING).  In all sincerity, it is truly amazing to see two generations of such strong, driven women each morning throwing down, pushing themselves, and supporting each other.  For those looking for examples of how to raise and be strong yet supportive women- just show up at 5:30am and watch the Clancy women throw down.

Keep up the great work Margaret, and everyone else better watch out- she’s coming for ya.


Margaret Pull Up

CFHY March Athlete of the Month- Jennie Swedlund Macallister!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for March is Jennie Swedlund Macallister.  Jennie is an incredibly consistent member- always arriving with a positive attitude and ready to work hard.  She always supports those around her, while putting her own best effort forth in workouts, strength, and skill work.

Jennie is a natural when it comes to gymnastics movements- quickly picking them up and then putting in the necessary work to refine her technique. She often makes things looks effortless- no doubt she would make her gymnast daughter proud.  She can also be found regularly staying after class to hone her skills and develop new ones- knowing that it’s only through consistency and practice that we get better.

Jennie also doesn’t shy away from the movements that challenge her more, and consistently builds on her strength numbers with dedication and effort.  She commits each day to doing her best and it shows.

She does all of this with a smile on her face and a positive energy that it is infectious.  Keep it up Jennie!


CFHY February Athlete of the Month: Eduardo Netto

For the first time in CrossFit Hyannis history, we have a repeat recipient of the prestigious Athlete of the Month- Eduardo Netto.  Eduardo first received Athlete of the Month four years ago in January 2014 and has been showing up consistently since then putting in work, having fun, and being a staple of our community.

Even though Eduardo says after every workout “I’m never doing this again” he continues to show up each day ready to throw down and have fun while doing it.  He is supportive to those around him and never holds back in workouts.  He attended more sessions at CFHY than any other male in 2017, and his presence in the evening classes is a staple of nights at the gym.  If he’s not there for some reason, it’s just not the same.

Eduardo not only wins the award for matching his socks to his shirt and shorts, but he also has some of the largest pythons at the gym- here’s hoping to bicep curls and tricep extensions in the Open.  Even though he probably wants to be known as a tough guy, Eduardo is secretly one of the most supportive, encouraging, and positive members we have at CrossFIt Hyannis- don’t let the mustache fool you.  We are so incredibly lucky to have Eduardo at CrossFit Hyannis, and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

Eduardo USA

Eduardo sitting

Eduardo sq clean

CFHY January Athlete of the Month: Jen Crimaldi

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January 2018 is Jen Crimaldi. Jen is one of our most committed members, and her dedication to her health and fitness is admirable. She is a staple at the 4:30pm class, always coming to throw down even after long days of teaching.

Jen shows up every day ready to work hard and do her best- no matter the workout or how her day went. Despite a minor physical setback this past month she still showed commitment to her health and fitness by coming to the gym consistently and doing what she could with her full effort and energy. She understands the value of consistent effort over time and not making excuses.

Jen has been on her health and fitness journey for a long time, and her discipline over the years has helped her to always keep moving in the right direction. She isn’t complacent- she’s always working to improve with her lifts, enhance her workouts, and in her dedication to nutrition.

Jen is a great example of the importance of showing up, working hard, and committing the process- keep it up Jen!

How Committed Are You Thermometer Measure Commitment Level

CFHY December Athlete of the Month: Tina Lilly

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for December is Tina Lilly.  Tina is an absolute powerhouse, and her consistency and dedication at the gym has led her to some tremendous improvements lately.

Tina has quietly been showing up and working hard during class- often “hiding” in the back room (as if we can’t see her back there crushing it).  She always pushes hard in workouts, and challenges herself with appropriate weights.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut- always using the same weight or scaling a movement in the same way that it ceases to be appropriately challenging.  There can be a fine line between over and under scaling something- and the reality is that the sweet spot comes when you can push just out of your comfort zone into something that is challenging for you but still allows you to keep an appropriate amount of intensity during the workout.  Tina typically does a great job finding that exact spot- not allowing herself to get too comfortable when she realizes that she has “leveled up” in a lift or skill based movement.  This is how progress happens.

Tina has also put in time outside of classes to work on her weaknesses and things that she would like to get better at, and because of this recently was able to string multiple pull-ups together.  Sometimes in CrossFit it can be easy to lose sight of how really incredibly strong and impressive the feats we see every day are- and stringing together multiple pull ups truly is impressive!  It doesn’t come easy, and it’s only through consistent work and practice that developing new skills and getting stronger happens- and Tina is a great example of how when you show up and commit to the process of growth and work positive things happen.

Tina clean

CFHY November Athlete of the Month: Mary Hemeon

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for November is Mary Hemeon.  Mary joined us a few months ago after a brief hiatus from CrossFit- and immediately showed commitment and dedication to getting to the gym regularly. She is a tried and true 5:30amer, showing up in the dark ready to get to work.  Mary doesn’t waste any time when she gets to the gym at 5:20ish every morning- she immediately hops on a rower and then begins her warm up.  Time is our most valuable asset- and Mary doesn’t waste a second of the hour she spends at the gym in the morning.

Mary’s warmth and positivity are infectious, and she always introduces herself to people at the gym she doesn’t know and visitors- her smile welcoming all those who are in class with her.  Mary teaches high school, and I have no doubt her classroom is inclusive and her cheer helps her students learn and achieve what they are capable of.

Mary is more than just a woman with a positive attitude, however.  She is a badass.  A real life, strong, inspiring woman who shows up everyday before heading to work to commit to her health and training.  Mary is STRONG- we’re talking 200+ pound deadlift, 185lb back squat type of strong.  I’m pretty sure that my high math teacher couldn’t do that.  In fact it’s a good thing she’s so good at math- that’s a lot of weigh to add when she loads up the barbell like that!

Mary brings positivity, strength, dedication, and a smile to the gym every morning and we’re lucky to have her at CrossFit Hyannis.

Mary and Ainsley

Mary  Snatch

CFHY October Athlete of the Month: Carrie Glenn

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for October is Carrie Glenn.  Carrie has been on an absolute tear* lately- and the exciting thing is it’s clear that she is just getting started.

Carrie has always been Strong (yes that’s Strong with a capital “S”), in fact last year she spent several months focusing exclusively on powerlifting while doing minimal cardio and metcons.  Now that she is fully back into training with CrossFit, her strength has continued to increase along with her performances on metcons and her capacity at gymnastics skills.

Carrie decided to really focus on her nutrition during the gym’s nutrition challenge and absolutely crushed it- losing 16 pounds.  So many people say they are going to do something but falter when it comes time for the follow through- but Carrie has shown that when she commits to something she goes all in and does what she says she’s going to do.  Many people worry that if they lose weight they will “lose all their strength” but Carrie demonstrated that when you fuel your body appropriately this doesn’t have to be the case- she PR’d all of her lifts but one over the last month, in addition to hitting PRs on all gymnastics movements she tested and metcons.  She hit more PRs during “testing month” than anyone else in the gym- all while losing some serious weight.  This is a testament to her commitment to properly fueling her body, having a positive mindset, and her dedicated training.

As we know, however, hitting PRs isn’t what it’s all about.  Carrie also embodies the spirit of CrossFit Hyannis- always encouraging those around her, being a positive presence in the gym, and going out of her way to offer assistance to those who need it.  For these reasons and her example of how to embrace the philosophy of working at being “better every day” Carrie Glenn is the CFHY October Athlete of the Month.

*On a tear is defined as: “On a streak or series, usually a winning streak.” See also: Carrie Glenn.

Carrie BS


That’s what it’s all about!

Hey everyone!  We are officially done with “testing month” at CFHY.  We prefaced this month by saying that testing these various elements of fitness was “a great way to gauge where you are currently at, assess your progress, and make goals for the future” and encouraged people to remember that setting a PR was certainly not the most important thing- at it’s core it is information about where you are at that given moment on that day.

It can be a helpful practice to reflect on how you did on the lifts, endurance pieces, and gymnastic components and assess on a personal level how you did- let me reiterate this… on a PERSONAL level, not comparing yourself to others.  If you noticed your strength numbers were all up and felt great, but your endurance or gymnastics skills aren’t where YOU would like them to be- that’s helpful information about where you can put some of your focus moving forward.  Or, maybe your engine felt great- but your strength isn’t quite where you’d like it to be.  Again, take it for what it is- information on how to go forward.

At CrossFit Hyannis the programming is centered around the idea of “GPP” (general physical preparedness)- essentially we are looking for balance across varied fitness elements and time domains so that we can go into the world and do all of the things that we want to do and the world demands of us.  Our ultimate goal is to help people be healthier, fitter, and feel better and more confident in themselves.  We are here to work out, have fun, and leave better than when we walked in- and none of those things have anything to do with whether you PR’d or not.

With all that being said, congratulations to all who PR’d on any component over the last three weeks- it’s a great feeling to commit to a process, put in work, and have concrete data to indicate that you made progress.  On a personal note, it was great as a coach to see people PR, but even more so to see a community of people supporting and celebrating the PRs of those around them.  How lucky we are to be part of a community that truly seeks to lift others up- I don’t ever take that for granted.  Thank you.

And of course what good is our strength if we don’t use it to build others up?  With that in mind I am ecstatic to let everyone know that through your hard fought efforts the CrossFIt Hyannis community was able to raise $1195 through PRs for Puerto Rico and $500 on t-shirts for a total of $1695 for United for Puerto Rico!  Thank you all, and to Ward Construction for also contributing to the donation!!!

PR for PuertoRico


CFHY September Athlete of the Month: Aynaz!

Keeping the family tradition alive, the CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for September is Aynaz!  Aynaz comes in with a positive attitude and a smile on her face, works hard, and is extremely coachable- these three factors have led to tremendous progress in the time that she’s been at CrossFit Hyannis.

Over the last several years Aynaz committed to her health and fitness through various means- Zumba, bootcamp, etc. and most recently through CrossFit.  Recently Aynaz said, “Almost 4 years ago I decided to change my life around for my son, for my husband, for me and my family. I wanted to be healthier and be more comfortable in my my own skin. I knew it is a long haul and I’d have to be patient and I’d have to be positive. I got tell you it didn’t happen overnight but I learned in the process to be more patient and be more positive in my life.”

Aynaz has done just that- commit to the process and recognize that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and one that you need to work at everyday.  She works hard in the gym, always wanting to learn more about movement, nutrition, and the big picture.  She puts this new information to use in her life and training, and is committed to showing up each day and developing as an athlete.

Aynaz is incredibly strong, in fact I don’t think she even recognizes her natural strength, and how that paired with her work ethic has led her to quickly display pretty impressive lifting numbers.  She also works hard to practice her gymnastics movements, and it shows through her progress.

Aynaz has been a wonderful addition to our CrossFit Hyannis community.  She always encourages those around her, and celebrates the victories of all the members of our community.  She supports other people in class and her positive attitude always makes the gym a better place to be when she’s in it.  Thank you Aynaz for the joy you bring to our community, and I’m excited to be with you as you continue on your fitness journey- keep crushing it!

Aynaz S2OH

Aynaz Bike

CFHY August Athlete of the Month: Afshin!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is the one and only Afshin!  The first time Afshin stepped in to the gym he was blatantly tricked by his sister Aynaz to just “come check out the gym” where she worked out.  We couldn’t be happier that Aynaz tricked her brother into coming into CrossFit Hyannis- because we’ve already become a better and more positive place due to his presence in the few months that he’s been here.

Afshin came in with a great attitude, ready to start where he was and tackle any and all challenges that came his way.  Being totally new to CrossFit he embraced it all with an adventurous spirit and childlike excitement.  That spirit and excitement soon transformed Afshin into a ferocious, insatiable man-beast who is only just beginning to realize his potential for greatness and unparalleled strength.  He strolls in looking dignified in his work clothes, but the moment he changes into his gym attire and pulls back his mane it’s go time.  Occasionally Afshin even gets to the gym early to rep out some bench and do accessory work, knowing what needs to be done to keep the ladies happy.  In the short time that Afshin has been at CrossFit Hyannis he has already established himself as one of our all-time top tier grunters/mid-WOD yellers as he yelps out his warrior cry with each rep.

In addition to his commitment to getting to the gym daily, Afshin has also stepped up his game with nutrition.  He has worked to eliminate toxic foods from his diet while emphasizing eating real, whole foods.  Working hard in the gym is great but Afshin recognizes that in order to reach his goals he’s got to commit on the nutrition side as well, and he’s done just that.  Afshin has started to transform his body, and he’s only just beginning.

Watch out world- we have unleashed the beast in Afshin, and there is no going back.

Afshin beast