Attack the Tasks.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Front Squats

Max weight for 20 unbroken reps (add at least 5 pounds from 12/4)


Every 3 minutes complete the task, :30 sec transition:

40 Burpees (*hand release)

30 Pull Ups (*C2B)

100 Double Unders (*unbroken)

30 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 (*135/95)

100 Double Unders (*unbroken)

30 Pull Ups (*C2B)

40 Burpees (*hand release)

For each task you complete you earn 10 points.  Complete at least half the reps earn 5 points.

*SCALE UP version.  20 points if total reps completed, 10 points if half reps are completed.

Athletes can choose or go back and forth between Rx and *SCALE UP
140pt maximum.  If you earn all 140 points, you get a prize… it’ll be good.

Wednesday will be the last day to donate toys for our little friend!  Check out the gym to see what people have already brought in- thanks to all those who have already brought in a toy!!! 

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