August Athlete of the Month- Mike L.

August Athlete of the Month- Mike LaSelva!

The athlete of the month for August is Mike LaSelva!  Mike has really upped his game in the past month, and has been consistent in his attendance and in bringing intensity to all of his workouts.

Mike is strong, and getting stronger.  Mike never “saves himself” for the WOD by going lighter in the strength portion.  He pushes his limits and is never afraid to lift heavy.  But Mike isn’t afraid to work his weaknesses either.  In the last month Mike has shown enormous progress on his bodyweight movements, such as pull ups and toes to bar.  He makes every rep count- his chin gets over the bar EVERY rep on his pull ups, even if it means slowing down to ensure good reps.  He pushes himself on runs and longer workouts, laying it all on the line.  Mike recently told me that because he couldn’t make it to the gym he did a workout at this house that consisted of 400m runs and high rep burpees.  For a guy who dominates strength workouts, it’s impressive to make the time to do a solo, voluntarily run/burpee WOD.

Mike is always supportive to other athletes at the gym, cheering them on as they battle through the workout.  Recently there was only one person at the 6:30pm class; so after Mike finished up the 5:30 class he said that he would do tire flips while the athlete did the workout so she didn’t have to suffer by herself.  What a gentleman.

It seems like every time I see him Mike is pushing himself and showing improvement.  He values his health and the importance of being fit in his profession and as a dad, and has shown great commitment to getting better every day.  It’s inspiring to see him throw down everyday, and I’m excited to see and be part of his continued progress!

Mike is the man.

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