Baseline and Team WOD

Part One:


For Time:

500m Row

40 Squats

30 Situps

20 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups


Part Two:

12 Minute AMRAP

In Teams of Three:


Run 200m


Members of the team will rotate through the three stations for twelve minutes with one person at each station at a time.  Score is total burpees completed by your team.


This Thursday is the 4 month anniversary of CrossFit Hyannis.  If you were here at our Grand Opening then you did the Baseline WOD on your first day here.  Unfortunately I don’t have everyone’s time from the first day (and some people did three rounds), but hopefully you remember how you felt doing it the first time around even if you don’t remember your exact time. I am going to log and post people’s times for the baseline that we record today, this way you can chart your progress on this WOD.  If you’ve done it before, remember how it felt the first day (and the days after) and compare that to how it feels this time around.  It’s amazing the progress people have made- keep up the good work!

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