Best Day Ever.

September’s Article for Hyannis Life magazine written by Coach Katie- enjoy, and embrace the possibilities that September brings!

Another summer on Cape Cod has come and gone, leaving us with more memories of beach days, cookouts, and time with family and friends.  As the long, hot summer days drift off into the past we look forward to a new season.  For many people this time of year brings up that “back to school” feeling.  Whether or not you are in school or know children who are headed to school, there’s a natural change when September rolls around.  We instinctively know that one time is ending, while another begins.  For many people this can be a busy time of year, and it can also be a time of new beginnings.

When I was a schoolteacher I was always amazed by the energy that September brings.  Children have a way of embracing the new academic year and the endless possibilities that come along with it.  There’s an excitement as they walk through the school doors and see new teachers, new classes, old friends, and if they’re lucky a cute new classmate to meet.  As we get older it’s easy to get in a rut; perhaps the monotony of one’s job or social life leaves you feeling caught in an endless cycle of the same.  This September, try to rekindle that feeling of “newness” that you once experienced as a child.  Commit to starting something you’ve always wanted.  Maybe for years you’ve said you’d like to run a 5K, do a mud run, or check out that new gym.  What’s stopping you?  It’s far too easy to let seasons come and go without feeling the potential excitement that each day could bring.

As a high school and middle school teacher every day for the entire year I would write the date on the board, and directly underneath it write “The Best Day Ever.”  As the days went on the students would make comments, “Wasn’t yesterday the best day ever?”  My standard response- “Everyday better than the day before, makes today the best day ever.”  Often times they looked at me like I was crazy, but after seeing it and hearing it enough times I hoped that the message would stay with them.  It is true that we all have ups and downs, and everyday may not seem like “the best day ever.”  But what if we took this idea and ran with it?  Each day is a day to experience new things, meet new people, and learn new lessons.  When we embrace this idea it allows us to be open to greater possibilities that the world and those around us have to offer.

September can be a busy time, and it can be hard to take the time to take care of ourselves and exercise.  But if we carry with us this idea of newness and celebrating each day as if it is the best day of our entire lives- imagine the endless possibilities and boundless energy that we can cultivate.  Instead of begrudgingly hitting the snooze button an extra time (or two) in the morning, try to remember that today brings with it the opportunity to work towards being a better version of yourself.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a regular exercise routine, but has been meaning to start one, use this September as a time to begin.  It can be as easy as adding in a ten-minute walk to your day.  The key is- you have to start.  Take the first step, the second will naturally follow.  If you are someone who regularly works out, use this time to refocus your energies and evaluate your current workout regime to make sure you’re not in a rut.  If you’re training properly, you should continually be seeing progress.  Are you getting stronger, fitter, and healthier?  Oftentimes signing up for a race, meet, or event in the future can help dial in your training.  With something concrete to train for, it forces us to be honest with our training and stay on track.

Wherever you’re at physically and mentally as we enter this new part of the year, remember to view it as an opportunity for a fresh start.  Be invigorated by the energy that is around you, and strive to make today the “best day ever.”

Dave “Bup” Ahern- working hard and embracing each day!


Embrace the excitement and endless possibilities of a new season!

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