CFHY 15.4 Leader Board and Notable Performances

Great job everyone!!!!  With a tough handstand push up standard and a sizable weight- people rose to the challenge and did great on 15.4!  Four down, one to go!  There will be refreshments at the gym during/after evening classes on Friday to celebrate the end of the Open and the amazing performances that we’ve seen from CrossFit Hyannis athletes.  Come do the WOD, cheer on everyone, and have some fun!

Top Performance on 15.4:

Tim Lewis with 75 reps

Spirit of the Open on 15.4:

Cara Winslow

When 15.4 was released, many people looked at the new standard of handstand push ups and saw that as a big hurdle to overcome.  But there was another large group who look at that 185/125lb clean and knew that they would be battling a barbell.  The Open always encourages us to try things we haven’t tried before- whether it be trying a movement RX for the first time or taking on a weight that we’ve never done before.  In this year’s Open Cara has faced these challenges head on even though they are out of her comfort zone.  She tackled snatches that were near her 1rm, she got her first C2B (first three actually- after lots of tape and even more effort), and this past weekend she came in three times to work on her cleans.  Despite the fact that she came just shy of hitting 125lb- it is her heart and effort we should be inspired by.  When you are met with something that you’ve never done before you can either complain about it and give up, or get to work.  While thousands of people have been complaining about various elements of this year’s Open- Cara has chosen to check her ego at the door and get to work.  Thank you Cara for the refreshing reminder that the Open is about never backing down from a challenge and pursuing your goals doggedly, no matter the outcome.


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