CFHY April Athlete of the Month: Erin MacDonald!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for April is Greyson MacDonald.  Just kidding- it’s his inspiring mother Erin MacDonald! Erin is coming up on one year of being a member of CrossFit Hyannis- and her daily daily presence and persistence have no doubt had a positive impact on our community.  Erin worked out daily throughout her pregnancy, recognizing that taking care of her own health was important for both the health of her baby and also her own mental and physical health. She always prioritizes moving well and keeping the big picture in mind- never compromising so that she can continue to see progress, gains, and results.  After having a healthy baby boy, Greyson, she was soon back at the gym and getting back to her daily routine, but now with her little guy in tow. Again, Erin committed to coming back the right way- being patient, yet persistent and consistent, in her return. Whether it’s pregnancy, injury, or just taking time off- many people try to rush back to their previous level- but Erin has been extremely smart about understanding how to ease back into it.  That being said, it’s truly amazing her level of strength and fitness so soon after giving birth. The most impressive thing about Erin is her level of commitment and consistency. No doubt it is not easy to bring a newborn to the gym everyday, but Erin has committed to making the gym part of their daily routine- and we’re glad that she has. She somehow manages to get in a workout while still feeding, changing, taking care of, and keeping her baby smiling all at the same time.  Having Erin and Greyson (and later in the day Grey’s dad Matt) at the gym is a great reminder to all of us how important it is to make health and fitness a priority for one’s family. Congrats Erin and keep up the great work!IMG_3029 2


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