CFHY April Athlete of the Month- Margaret Clancy

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for April 2018 is Margaret Clancy.  Margaret has only been with us for a few months but has already made insane improvements in her strength, skills, and overall conditioning.

Clearly we knew Margaret would be tough and able to handle whatever was thrown at her, due to surviving as Katie Clancy’s daughter her entire life- but she has exceeded all expectations that we could have even put on her out of the gate.  First of all, she dove right in to the 5:30am class and quickly became a staple member- not afraid to get into the banter and show those guys what she’s got.

The strength gains that Margaret has made over the last several months have been extremely impressive- and she’s done it through a consistent and steady approach.  Once getting comfortable with the movements, she just steadily continues to appropriately push herself and get out of her comfort zone a little more each day.  In addition to getting stronger with the bar, she has made immense improvements on gymnastics skill movements- recently achieving her first unassisted pull-ups.

One might imagine it could be tough to walk into a gym in which your mom is a staple member and find your own place- but Margaret has quickly done just that.  It’s kind of like, “Katie who?”  (KIDDING).  In all sincerity, it is truly amazing to see two generations of such strong, driven women each morning throwing down, pushing themselves, and supporting each other.  For those looking for examples of how to raise and be strong yet supportive women- just show up at 5:30am and watch the Clancy women throw down.

Keep up the great work Margaret, and everyone else better watch out- she’s coming for ya.


Margaret Pull Up

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