CFHY April Athlete of the Month: Paul Hartigan!

The CrossFit Hyannis April Athlete of the Month is Paul Hartigan!  Paul is a diehard member of the 6:30am crew, never missing a day and always coming in with a positive attitude and ready to do work!

Paul has been with us for several months, and has been consistently showing up since day 1.  He never makes excuses, he just diligently goes about working through the warm up, strength, and workout- no matter what it is.  Since joining Paul has also worked on dialing in his nutrition, participating in the Lurong Challenge and committing to making better decisions with his diet.  He understands that there’s no “quick fix” and has shown that he is committed to the journey.

Paul has made leaps and bounds in his fitness since he started at CrossFit Hyannis- from major improvements on his range of motion on squats and other movements, his overall strength in all lifts, his body awareness on body weight movements, and in his ability to perform burpees and jump rope.

Paul uses his fitness in various way outside of the gym, including regularly spending 6+ hours refereeing soccer games on the weekends then coming in to train hard on Monday morning.  He understands the value of positive routines, and has made the 6:30am class part of his daily routine in order to prioritize his health and fitness.  Paul also recently signed up for a Tough Mudder- which no doubt he will dominate with his current level of commitment and determination.  Paul has jokingly referenced his renewed interest to fitness as a “mid-life crisis” – and whether it is or isn’t, we’re just lucky that it led him to CrossFit Hyannis!

Paul Jump Rope

Paul DL

Paul Rower

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