CFHY April Athlete of the Month: Tracey Machnik

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for April 2016 is Tracey Machnik.  Tracey is an incredibly strong, capable and inspiring woman who somehow manages to balance everything she has going on in her life with grace and seeming simplicity.  As a mother of three boys she is constantly on the go, but finds the time to work out and provides a great example to her family about the importance of first taking care of yourself so that you can better take care of those around you and the other aspects of your life.

Tracey is incredibly strong and fit- and continues getting stronger and fitter every day.  She has recently upped her game to a new level, pushing her limits and impressing all those around her.  She moves well, tries new things, isn’t afraid to put some weight on the bar (when appropriate) and pushes herself during workouts.  She regularly is battling for one of the top times of the day, and does so in a humble, casual way.  But make no mistake- Tracey has all the tools to come in and crush the workout every day.  She is one of the strongest women in the gym (and is still getting stronger) and doesn’t shy away from working on those pesky gymnastics skills.

Tracey is one of those people you meet and right away you realize that they have a great heart, good nature, and are the type of person you want to be friends with.  She is welcoming to others in the gym, always has a sense of humor, and is always willing to help those around her who need it.  She is a great example to her three boys, and all those around her, of what it looks like to be a strong, capable woman.  She lives out the philosophy of “better every day” by constantly working to improve physically and mentally.  We are lucky to have her at CrossFit Hyannis, and look forward to her continued progress!

©Michelle Kaye Photography

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