CFHY Athlete of the Month January: Tim Lewis

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January is Tim Lewis.  Tim is only the second athlete to be a two-time CFHY Athlete of the Month, having also received this prestigious honor exactly four years ago in January of 2015.  Four years ago in his Athlete of the Month description Tim was described as “an incredibly strong athlete who shows up, works hard, and focuses on moving well.  Tim never backs down from a challenge, and isn’t afraid to work at the edges of his comfort zone.”  Not surprisingly those attributes remain true today.

Tim has been a committed member of CrossFit Hyannis for many years.  On every fitness/health journey it’s natural to have times where you are more committed- perhaps you have a specific goal so you dial in your nutrition, hit the gym more regularly, etc.  and times when you perhaps are just “getting by”- showing up and eating decent but not laser focused towards a specific goal.  THIS IS OK and normal- at different times in life our focuses can shift to different areas.  What’s important is that whether we are in a more “dialed in” time or a “getting by” phase of our fitness- we still make time to take care of ourselves- move, sweat, and respect our bodies.

Over the last few months Tim as recommitted and upped his game at the gym- regularly attending both boot camp and regular classes and putting in work to improve.  And all his hard work shows- he has been crushing workouts, hitting PRs in benchmarks, and just generally showing up and standing out.

For many years Tim has been an important part of our community- always showing up ready to throw down and bring great intensity and energy to the gym.  Keep it up Tim!

Tim sandbag

tim t2b

tim clean comp

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