CFHY Athlete of the Month June 2018- Terry Downey

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for June is Terry Downey.  Terry is just the best, and that’s why she’s athlete of the month.  To back up that claim- below are some of the wonderful attributes of Terry.

Terry is a 5:30am’er and always comes in with a smile on her face, ready to throw down and enjoy the workout with a smile.  On many days she leaves the gym then proceeds to ride her bike to work (and you know if you ride it THERE then at the end of the day you actually have to ride it BACK home too!).  She recently has been hitting 100 mile weeks on her bike through her commute.  All that would be well and good, but Terry also uses her fitness and positive demeanor outside of the gym to help serve her clients as a PT and her work with various organizations.  She works extensively with the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers helping adaptive athletes pursue sport and physical activity.  She coaches sled hockey teams, is a critical member of the “Sport and Spirit” weekend put together by Spaulding Adaptive Sports, and gives her time to various other endeavors that help people enjoy the world of sport and play.

Terry is a great reminder that as much fun as CrossFit is, for most of us it is ultimately a tool that allows us to do other physical activities outside of the gym and use our fitness to help and inspire others.  Sometimes people can get lost in being bummed about not hitting a PR, RX’ing a workout, etc.- but in the grande scheme of things we need to remember to be grateful to have bodies that are capable of so much and use what we have to serve others.

ALSO- Terry is an incredibly gifted photographer and has used her talent to capture some pretty epic photos of our members here at CrossFit Hyannis.  Most of the photos that you see on our website (at least the good ones) can be credited to Terry.  So THANK YOU Terry- for the photos, for your selflessness and spirit, and for all you do to make CrossFit Hyannis and the world a better place.

terry sled hockey


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