CFHY Athlete of the Month September- Sean Parrent!

The CrossFIt Hyannis Athlete of the Month for September is Sean Parrent.  Sean brings his youth, enthusiasm, work ethic, and good vibes to the gym every time he is there and we’re lucky he has made CrossFit Hyannis part of his training regime.  From the first time Sean attended class at CFHY with his dad, he has always been extremely coachable- he listens, absorbs information, and is always seeking more feedback to help him improve.  He recognizes that the only way to get better is put in time, learn the right way, and show up and get to work. It’s amazing to see how Sean has progressed in his relatively short time here- he is strong, has a great engine, and is always willing to learn new skills while accepting that it takes time to accomplish mastery .  Sean worked hard all summer and it has showed in his cross country season- where he is leading his team and crushing his competition. We are so proud of Sean and all of his accomplishments because we’ve seen his work ethic and his dedication to the process. Keep up the great work Sean, we’re all rooting for you and excited to see what your future brings!


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