CFHY Athlete of the Month: The Barrons!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January 2020 is Jacob Barron, along with his parents Nick and Lindsay.  Born December 28th at a beefy 6 pounds 7 ounces it was immediately evident that he was going to be the true athlete and stud of the family.  Credit should be given to his mom and dad, also members at CrossFit Hyannis. Both Nick and Lindsay have been members at CFHY for years, and their dedication to their fitness and each other is clear.  They always come in with great attitudes and bring awesome energy to the gym. Lindsay worked out smartly and safely throughout her pregnancy- knowing how it important it was to take care of her own health while pregnant.  She even claimed that all that CrossFit made giving birth easier- glad we could help! Lindsay is truly an amazing example to all of us on how to prioritize our own health and wellness so that we can best take care of those around us.  It was awesome to see her at CFHY throughout her pregnancy and right back at it post-baby. And right out of the gate it is already clear that Nick is going to be a great dad and show Jacob how to develop true strength- of body, mind, and character.  We are lucky to have both Nick and Lindsay as part of our CrossFit Hyannis family and we’re happy to welcome Jacob, the newest edition to their family, to ours as well. Keep up the great work Barrons- and thanks for making CFHY part of your lives!



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