CFHY August 2016 Athlete of the Month: Colin Dwyer!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is Colin Dwyer.  Colin is a gifted athlete who in his short time at CrossFit Hyannis has already made immense progress in his level of fitness and overall strength.  He is always extremely kind and joyful, offering a smile and positive words to all other members of the gym.

Although it’s easy to look at Colin’s fast progress and say things such as “oh if only I were that young I’d make progress that fast too” (or things of this nature), the reality is that although that helps- it’s Colin’s commitment and intensity that has brought him such fast progress.  Although it certainly helps, saying that simply “being young” is why Colin has taken on to CrossFit so fast takes away from his immense commitment and hard work that he shows daily.  Since he began CrossFit Colin has rarely missed a day and regularly uses open gym time to work on his weaknesses.  You can regularly find him doing an EMOM of goat work such as double unders, handstand pushups, and toes to bar.  He does not shy away from those things that he struggles with, and ultimately this is a big reason why Colin’s name has been creeping up the leaderboard.

Colin also understands the value of intensity and moving through the struggle, and always pushes himself in workouts.  Oftentimes in workouts, and in life, we stop when things get hard or uncomfortable.  Things become challenging so we take the easy way out, or we fall prey to the negative voices in our head that tell us we are not good enough or capable enough to go on and push through to make ourselves better.  Those who can overcome these doubts and struggles and move beyond them are those who often find the most success.

Colin is a great example of a young man whose character and drive have made him into a great athlete and person.  We are so lucky to have him at CrossFit Hyannis, and it’s exciting to see what progress he will make with continued time and training.  Keep it up Colin!

Colin BMU

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