CFHY August Athlete of the Month: Afshin!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is the one and only Afshin!  The first time Afshin stepped in to the gym he was blatantly tricked by his sister Aynaz to just “come check out the gym” where she worked out.  We couldn’t be happier that Aynaz tricked her brother into coming into CrossFit Hyannis- because we’ve already become a better and more positive place due to his presence in the few months that he’s been here.

Afshin came in with a great attitude, ready to start where he was and tackle any and all challenges that came his way.  Being totally new to CrossFit he embraced it all with an adventurous spirit and childlike excitement.  That spirit and excitement soon transformed Afshin into a ferocious, insatiable man-beast who is only just beginning to realize his potential for greatness and unparalleled strength.  He strolls in looking dignified in his work clothes, but the moment he changes into his gym attire and pulls back his mane it’s go time.  Occasionally Afshin even gets to the gym early to rep out some bench and do accessory work, knowing what needs to be done to keep the ladies happy.  In the short time that Afshin has been at CrossFit Hyannis he has already established himself as one of our all-time top tier grunters/mid-WOD yellers as he yelps out his warrior cry with each rep.

In addition to his commitment to getting to the gym daily, Afshin has also stepped up his game with nutrition.  He has worked to eliminate toxic foods from his diet while emphasizing eating real, whole foods.  Working hard in the gym is great but Afshin recognizes that in order to reach his goals he’s got to commit on the nutrition side as well, and he’s done just that.  Afshin has started to transform his body, and he’s only just beginning.

Watch out world- we have unleashed the beast in Afshin, and there is no going back.

Afshin beast

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