CFHY August Athlete of the Month: Corrie!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the month for August is Corrie Vilsaint.  As some of you may know Corrie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Ann, at the end of July.  When asked about it she said it was a PR- the birth itself only taking 15 minutes!  Corrie worked out throughout her pregnancy- wanting to stay active, fit and healthy for herself, her family, and her baby.  By mid-August Corrie was already back at the gym nearly every day.

When people think of CrossFit, it seems like many times they think about the CrossFit Games or other superhuman feats of athleticism and strength that we see on ESPN and on the internet.  But CrossFit isn’t just about sub-3 minute Frans, 600lb deadlifts, and linking muscle ups together in a show of strength and grace.  What CrossFit truly is about is allowing us to live our lives more fully and becoming the healthiest and best versions of ourselves.  It’s about cultivating strength and grace in the gym, so that we can bring it to our lives outside the gym.  It’s great to hit PRs and excel in workouts- and we should be proud when we do that.  But we should also remember that CrossFit allows us to live happier, more enriched and enriching lives.  To carry around our children, chase them around the house, and carry all the groceries into the house in one trip.  CrossFit allows us to do the sometimes seemingly superhuman feats of everyday life just a little bit easier.

Throughout her pregnancy Corrie came to the gym each day and scaled and modified the workouts so that they were appropriate for her.  She knew that it wasn’t about making it to the CrossFit Games but rather about being as healthy as she could for herself and her family.  Over the last several weeks as she gets back in the swing of things, Corrie again scales and modifies as needed- but continues to push herself each day.  She acts as a great example to all of us of true strength and grace.

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