CFHY August Athlete of the Month: Sara Denton!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for August is Sara Denton.  Sara came to us several months ago and quickly became one of our most consistent and dedicated members.  She is a runner, and has used CrossFit to help her improve her running times and longevity.

Sara is an incredibly hard working athlete who always brings a positive and encouraging attitude to the gym.  Besides her positive attitude and work ethic, one of the greatest traits she shows in the gym is her willingness to try new things and put in the work needed to get better at them.  She puts in time on gymnastics movements like pull ups and toes to bar, does the needed work on skill- based movements like double unders, and isn’t afraid to attack a barbell.  Sara is incredibly strong and only getting stronger with more time spent in the gym and additional confidence.

Watching people like Sara show up to the gym every day and give their 100% effort is a great reminder that it’s the daily work that leads us to great improvement.  No one day or training session is what leads to drastic change- it’s the commitment to showing up daily and putting in the work to improve that leads to real and lasting change in bettering yourself.  Keep it up Sara!

Sara D Race

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