CFHY December Athlete of the Month: Gina Nasah

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for December is Gina Nasah.  Gina always brings an incredibly positive energy to the gym and her hard, consistent work have led her to increased levels of strength and improvements in her overall level of fitness.

As a massage therapist, Gina understands the importance of taking care of her body- and has used CrossFit as one way to improve her health and fitness and help make her better at her job.  Her job is literally “hands on” and her training at the gym is a way for her to build up the strength and stamina needed to be such an amazing massage therapist (side note: if you need a massage go see Gina- you won’t be disappointed!).

Gina has been working diligently on all aspects of her fitness game, and her consistency is definitely paying off.  She has been working on her double unders regularly, both before and after class and during open gym.  She has slowly and smartly been increasing the weight she uses during workouts, getting out of her comfort zone as she continues to get stronger and stronger.  She works on skills regularly- knowing that this is the only way to improve.  And in true CrossFit fashion- she’s always ready for anything.  If someone throws out a crazy workout idea for her, she’s usually game.

Gina is a great asset to our CrossFit Hyannis community, and I have no doubt that with her positive attitude and determined spirit she will continue to make progress!

gina sled pull

Always up for a challenge!

Always up for a challenge!


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