CFHY December Athlete of the Month: Melissa Sennott

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for December is Melissa Sennott.  Missy first came to CrossFit Hyannis on a Bring a Friend Day and has never looked back.  Since that first morning Melissa has showed up almost every day ready to work, push herself, and try new things.

Melissa is one of our strongest female athletes, and she is just scraping the surface of her capabilities.  It seems like every time we test a lift she hits a PR.  As she continues on her CrossFit journey she continues to move better and more efficiently as she continues to work on developing increased work capacity.

One of the most important things in CrossFit, and in life, is showing up.  Melissa shows up consistently each morning to the 5:30am class- even on the coldest, darkest, and snowiest mornings.  If for some reason she can’t make it in the morning she always finds her way to the gym in the afternoon.  She has committed to bettering herself at the gym each day.

Melissa also regularly comes to open gym on the weekends, where she is always up for whatever comes her way.  She’s always game for any workouts that have been dreamt up that day and never denies a chance to throw down with whoever is in the gym.  Melissa is sure to keep making progress, and it’s exciting to see what 2016 will bring for her!

©Michelle Kaye Photography

© Michelle Kaye Photography

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