CFHY February Athlete of the Month: Barb Fallon!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for February is Barb Fallon.  Barb is dedicated, focused, and always brings a positive energy to the gym.  She doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way or make excuses- she focuses on what she can do and does it to the very best of her ability. This habit, of doing what you can with what you’ve got, allows Barb to make continual progress and stay healthy and fit even despite minor injuries and setbacks.  Barb is intelligent in how she trains, and takes the time needed to take care of her body- you can regularly seeing her doing additional exercise/PT in order to help keep her the strongest version of herself.

Although she sometimes tries to hide in the back room, it’s impossible to ignore the effort and athleticism she displays.  She shows up, works hard, and never complains.  She doesn’t worry about comparing herself to others, but knows that true victory comes in putting your own best effort forth to maximize your own potential.

Awesome job Barb and keep up the great work!


Jen Barb Rowing


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