CFHY February Athlete of the Month: Seth Beaton

The CrossFit Hyannis February Athlete of the Month is Seth Beaton.  Seth has only been a CFHY member for a relatively short amount of time, but in that time he has shown extreme commitment and a willingness to push his limits and get well out of his comfort zone.

From the very beginning Seth showed a commitment to showing up consistently and leaving his ego at the door- two of the biggest keys to success in CrossFit (and one could argue in life as well).  He comes in each day ready to attack the workout, he isn’t afraid to ask questions, and he takes coaching extremely well- knowing that the quickest and best way to improve is through mastering the basics and only increasing in difficulty, weight, etc. only when you have shown adequate proficiency at the previous level.

CrossFit is not intended to be easy.  In fact CrossFit founder, Coach Glassman, regularly preaches that we fail at the margins of our exposure, and that in order to continue improving and becoming fitter we must expose ourselves regularly to new and challenging stimuli and bring intensity to our workouts.  In many regards, the “better” you get at CrossFit the more challenging it becomes- as you always push up against your previous limits, break through plateaus, and move on to newer and greater challenges- all while bringing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and ability.

For many, this concept of “intensity breeds results” is one that takes awhile to fully understand and even longer to commit to.  Seth, however, immediately embraced and lived the philosophy.  He chooses appropriate scaling options, and then wreaks havoc on workouts.  Perhaps to the uninitiated eye it may appear that the workouts are wreaking havoc on him, but the experienced CrossFitter recognizes that Seth is pushing the boundaries of what he was previously capable of and moving his margins of fitness and skill ever wider.  In short, he goes HAM.

In addition to his willingness to “suffer” in workouts, Seth has also headed the advice of his coaches and can be seen on a daily basis working on his weaknesses.  Once he has peeled himself off the ground post-workout you will find him grabbing his jump rope and heading to the corner to work on those double unders, knowing that it is in that little extra effort every day that the magic* happens.

Seth has also embraced the CrossFit Hyannis community, and without fully knowing what he was getting himself in to signed up for the Open.  Seth is a great example of what a CrossFitter looks like- hard working, humble, willing to lay it on the line, and understanding of the reality that all the best things in life only come through hard work and dedication.

*No magic is actually happening- it’s called hard, smart, consistent work.



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