CFHY February Athlete(s) of the Month

CrossFit Hyannis February Athlete(s) of the Month

This month the CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month honor will be shared between Bridget Armstrong and Adam LaPlante.  Both athletes are uniquely deserving of this recognition, but their amazing and inspiring performance as partners at the Clash on the Cape is what put them over the top this month.  For those of you who were not able to attend, you missed something special.  Bridget and Adam battled hard on both days of the competition and were just eked out in the partner’s competition finishing in second place.  They finished top 4 in every workout, and earned themselves a first place workout in the “Grunt Work” WOD which involved moving 1000lb of plates and AMRAP back squats- they are kind of a big deal.  The weekend ended in a tiebreaker WOD, with Adam and Bridget placing second by a mere fraction of a second.  As a coach I couldn’t have been prouder of their effort, determination, and sportsmanship.

Gettin’ it done.

Beyond their performance in competition, individually both Bridget and Adam display many qualities that exemplify a true CrossFitter.

Bridget, in addition to finishing second in the team part of the competition, also finished FIRST in the women’s RX division- no big deal or anything.  Bridget pushes herself in each workout and is one of the strongest athletes we have.  She pays attention to the details, and isn’t afraid to attack her weaknesses.  Her strength numbers have gone through the roof, and it is only the beginning of where she is capable of going.  She can often be found coaching and helping other athletes attack their own weaknesses, and does so in a humble and competent way.  We feel extremely fortunate to have her as a coach at CrossFit Hyannis and look forward to seeing her compete more in the future.

Bridget is ridiculously strong.

Adam LaPlante is what one might call a “beast.”  He crushes WODs all the time, but is perhaps one of our most humble athletes.  He never complains, he just comes in, rolls out, and gets to work.  It is clear from watching Adam train that he comes from an athletic background and isn’t afraid to put in the work to see gains.  He has committed to extra strength work- and it is paying off.  He is always willing to assist his “bros” with lifting tips, and I think I once even saw him share some chalk… although I’m not sure about that.  It’s been fun to see Adam compete in both the Clash and also as a member of our First Responders Challenge Team.  He manages to take his already “beast mode” performances to another level, and always works as a team player.

Adam is a beast.

Congratulations to both Adam and Bridget- keep up the amazing work!  As for who gets the trophy- you have to share it!

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