CFHY Five Week General Running Program

CrossFit Hyannis 5 Week General Running Program

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CFHY 5 Week General Running Program

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Objective: Increase overall aerobic capacity.  Get outside. Learn about your own pacing, pushing, recovering.  Add structure to your run training.


-3x per week: Time Intervals; Distance Intervals; Long, Slow Steady Work

-If you’re feeling it, add 1-2x per week an additional 10-30 minute light jog or walk- this should feel EASY, EASY, EASY.  Additional options for these sessions include wearing a weight vest or taking these light jogs/walks to the trail or beach.  But remember the goal here is EASY movement.

Pace, Push, Recover, Improve: 

When a lot of novice runners decide they want to improve they don’t know where to start.  So they just go out and run for a set amount of time or certain distance- and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Getting time on your feet and miles in is important, particularly when training for longer distances or a particular race.  But learning how to pace, push, and recover is of HUGE benefit to not only your running but can also greatly benefit your overall fitness.  This program will ask you to challenge yourself and go beyond just mindlessly pounding the pavement. Put the time and effort in and you’ll see the payoff. 

General Suggestions:

-The term “run” is relative.  For some it’s a lot faster, for some it may be a fast walk.  Do what you can with what you’ve got and give your full effort and energy.  If you are more of a beginner, scale the distances and/or rounds to your level (and if you need help with that reach out).

-Take the time to warm up. The goal of a warm up is to wake your body up and prep you for the activity you are about to do- get your muscles moving and your heart pumping.  The more intense the session (typically shorter distances with faster paces) the more warm you need to be- dynamic movements (high knee skip, butt kickers, straight leg skip, etc.) and light jogging are a good place to start.  For the longer “steady” sessions, a warm up is still a good idea but typically you can do a quick warm up and get moving. Know your body and what it requires and adjust your warm up as needed.

- Track your times and progress.

-If you have access to a track that’s great, but certainly don’t obsess over it.  If possible, take some time to identify what a 200m, 400m, 800m and mile route are at wherever you will be doing your running.  Even if it’s not exact- if you use the same markings each time you will be able to compare your own times. Don’t let that be an excuse to not do the work.

-Anytime it says “rest”- you may either walk or fully rest during that time.  Focus on regaining control of your breathing and getting ready to attack your next interval.


Download here- CFHY 5 Week General Running Program

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