CFHY January 2016 Athlete of the Month: Becca Menard

The CrossFit Hyannis January Athlete of the Month is Rebecca Menard.  Becca has been with us since last April and has shown great dedication since she first began.  She came in already having a great base level of fitness, and has continued to get stronger, fitter, and healthier each day. 

Beginning CrossFit can be intimidating for some, but Becca jumped in with a few of her friends and hasn’t looked back.  She shows up every day with a positive attitude and ready to tackle whatever challenges come her way.  Whether it be working to improve her gymnastics, hit a metcon, or throw around some heavy weight- Becca is up for the task.

Within a relatively short amount of time Becca was able to do such movements as pull ups and handstand push ups, and has worked from the very beginning to improve upon and gain capacity in these skills.  She moves very well, and continues to improve as she gains confidence in various movements.

Despite her small stature, Becca is incredibly strong.  Since she began she has increased her ability to move heavy weight, all while maintaining excellent form and lifting habits.  She has become a great member of the CrossFit Hyannis community, always bringing positive energy and excitement to classes.  She’s even put her nursing skills to work a time or two, which we are all very grateful for.  In all aspects she embodies a calmness and confidence that positively impacts those around her.  We’re fortunate to have Becca and her many talents as part of our CrossFit Hyannis family- thanks Becca!

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