CFHY January Athlete of the Month: Jen Crimaldi

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January 2018 is Jen Crimaldi. Jen is one of our most committed members, and her dedication to her health and fitness is admirable. She is a staple at the 4:30pm class, always coming to throw down even after long days of teaching.

Jen shows up every day ready to work hard and do her best- no matter the workout or how her day went. Despite a minor physical setback this past month she still showed commitment to her health and fitness by coming to the gym consistently and doing what she could with her full effort and energy. She understands the value of consistent effort over time and not making excuses.

Jen has been on her health and fitness journey for a long time, and her discipline over the years has helped her to always keep moving in the right direction. She isn’t complacent- she’s always working to improve with her lifts, enhance her workouts, and in her dedication to nutrition.

Jen is a great example of the importance of showing up, working hard, and committing the process- keep it up Jen!

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