CFHY January Athlete of the Month

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for January is Tim Lewis!  Tim is an incredibly strong athlete who shows up, works hard, and focuses on moving well.  Tim never backs down from a challenge, and isn’t afraid to work at the edges of his comfort zone.  Although naturally strong, Tim also embraces the challenging areas of gymnastics skills and longer endurance workouts.  If there is a workout that he is confident he can go prescribed on he goes for it- even if he knows it will be difficult.  At all loadings he takes the time to set up his movements and always moves well, even when the barbell is heavy.

Tim has recently embraced the task of participating in the Lurong Resolution Paleo Challenge, and despite the fact that it isn’t always easy- he has committed to it and is doing great.  It’s not an easy undertaking to make a diet/lifestyle change but Tim has made the commitment.

Tim is a natural competitor- participating in events such as Tough Mudders, the CrossFit Open and Team Challenge, and local individual and team CrossFit competitions.  This past weekend he participated in a team competition and his strength as a valuable teammate was on display.  He is always encouraging of those around him, pushing them to achieve more than they once thought possible.  He is always a gentleman, and we’re lucky to have his good nature and work ethic at the gym!

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