CFHY July Athlete of the Month: Ashley G!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for July is Ashley G.  Ashley has been extremely consistent in her training, rarely missing a day.  She has made incredible progress since she began at CrossFit Hyannis and has taken a steady and consistent approach to her progress.  Due to this consistency, both her strength and skill level have improved tremendously- and this is only just the beginning.

Ashley is far stronger than she gives herself credit for, and often makes heavy barbells seem like they are light weight as she wields them around the gym.  She has continued to gain confidence and experience with her lifting, and the gains she has made are evident whether it be in attacking the strength work or choosing appropriately challenging weight for the WOD.

Ashley has also committed to attacking her weaknesses by doing Pursuit accessory work three times a week.  This has allowed her to hone in on her weaknesses and attack her goals.  Most notably are her improvements with gymnastics movements such as toes to bar and pull ups.  By committing to breaking it down and spending time learning and practicing the basics she has made incredible progress.

Ashley is a great example of someone who shows up every day and does the best she can on that day, while always working to better herself.  Great work Ashley!


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