CFHY July Athlete of the Month: David Quinn

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for July is David Quinn. Dave is a natural athlete, moves well and picks things up quickly (literally and figuratively). He’s not afraid to push himself, but also knows when it’s appropriate to back off and play it safe.

Whether he’s performing Olympic lifts, powerlifts or bodyweight movements Dave always moves well and fluidly. He doesn’t rush to put weight on the bar, but knows that sometimes it’s okay to be outside of his comfort zone. Whereas some people are afraid to finish last, David knows that by sometimes pushing himself on weights or prescribed movements he may take a little longer- and that’s okay, that’s how we get better. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture in CrossFit, but the reality is that if we get too comfortable or complacent our overall progress is hindered. CrossFit founder Coach Glassman says that “we fail at the margins of our exposure.” Dave knows that in order to get better we must push ourselves and expose ourselves to more challenges and tasks, knowing that the struggle in the present leads to success and growth in the long run.

Dave also follows Coach Glassman’s advice in that he “regularly learns and plays new sports.” Dave is an avid surfer, and has been known to throw down in local sports and intramural leagues as well. Ultimately CrossFit is meant to enhance our lives outside of the gym, and Dave is great at keeping this in perspective. We are lucky to have Dave as a member at CrossFit Hyannis!

David Quinn Surfer

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