CFHY July Athlete of the Month- Mikayla!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for July is Mikayla Bresnahan.  Mikayla’s progress since arriving at CFHY has been remarkable, and has been directly correlated to her strong work ethic and consistency.  Mikayla was hesitant to join CFHY, but was eventually persuaded with the help of “OP” (Original Paul).  This, perhaps, has been OP’s greatest gift to CrossFit Hyannis… ;)

Mikayla has become one of our strongest female athletes, and has long since turned the corner from being timid with weights to fearlessly attacking the barbell.  One of the beauties of CrossFit is that we all have modalities/movements we enjoy, and ones that we need a little more work on.  Mikayla thrives with the barbell, but doesn’t shy away from the movements she struggles with.  She can be seen DAILY getting up on the pull up bar to work on pull-ups and/or toes to bar.  She is a reminder to us that it is only through a consistent effort that progress is made.  During WODs Mikayla never chooses the easy way out when picking her weight for the WOD.  She realizes that often times it is through the struggle that we emerge stronger than before, stronger than we could have once imagined.

Mikayla also recently took part in our CFHY Battle of the Box as one of only three females in the RX division.  She pushed herself, knowing that the competition would be fierce.  Mikayla realized that it’s not just about winning, but pushing your limits and not settling for just getting by.  Mikayla battled hard, and came out as a better athlete and CrossFitter from the experience.  We are so proud of Mikayla and how far she has come, and can’t wait to see her continued development as an athlete.

Moving those 30lb DBs like a boss.

She’s also a rock star teammate!


Putting her fitness to work at the Tough Mudder with her superfriend Ainsley!

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