CFHY June Athlete of the Month: Ross Johnston

The CrossFit Hyannis June Athlete of the Month is Ross Johnston. Ross is a morning guy, hitting the gym each day before going on to take care of his responsibilities as a father and doctor. Ross has been with us for a year now, and went from attending three days a week to five days per week. This commitment and dedication to consistent attendance at the gym has paid off in his abilities with all movements and in his overall health.

We all have certain movements that we struggle with. When we encounter these we can either choose to complain about them each time we see them on the board or commit to embracing our weaknesses and tackling them through extra skill work and dedication to virtuosity. Ross has chosen the latter path, embracing such movements as full depth squats, overhead squats and double unders. He understands that the way to get better at barbell movements isn’t by continually trying to put more weight on the bar, but rather by committing to focused reps at lower weight and continual mobility work. It’s easy to want the end goal now, but Ross realizes that attaining what we desire usually takes commitment to doing the little things right.

Ross is generally one of the first people to walk into the doors of CrossFit Hyannis in the morning, and often begins the warm up before it is even completely written on the board. He has a carefree and welcoming attitude, but uses every second he is at the gym to make sure he is moving toward his goals and becoming the best version of himself. He recognizes the value of time, and seizes each moment- even if it is before the sun has come up.

In only a year’s time Ross has made tremendous strides, and I look forward to what the future brings for him.

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