CFHY Leader Board and 15.5 Notable Performances

Fabulous job to everyone who participated in the 2015 CrossFit Open!  It’s always an adventure that challenges us along the way and allows us to push our limits.  We are proud of all of our CrossFit Hyannis members for putting forth their best efforts!  We had some PRs, some amazing performances, and hopefully everyone had a lot of fun!  It’s also a good time to evaluate what you’d like to work on as you move forward with your training.  If you weren’t happy with how the Open went or how you performed on a workout or movement- this is the perfect time to get to work on those weaknesses and get back at it harder and smarter than ever!  Below are the overall leader boards, including a version in which the ranks were adjusted based on 15.1a (max clean and jerk ranked against same gender only- full leader board at the gym).

Overall Top Performance on 15.5

Katie Falkowski (9:32) and Craig Machnik (9:35)

Spirit of the Open for 15.5

Jason Parrent

The Spirit of the Open winner for 15.5 is Jason Parrent for his incredible performance with a time of 10:15.  All around the world CrossFitters have been discussing the “Pain Cave” that was 15.5. Jason is known for his endurance and his ability to grit through workouts- and he did just that while plowing through rowing and thrusters.  We all desire to hone our skills in CrossFit- whether it be mastering the gymnastics elements or throwing around heavy weight.  Learning and practicing these skills is important, but there’s also something to be said about the ability to put your nose to the grindstone and grit through a workout- fully embracing the discomfort and darkness it brings.  Jason knows how to do this.  You never see him feeling sorry for himself in a workout- he chips away relentlessly until the job is done.  Great job Jason!

Rank when adjusted based on 15.1a (Max clean and jerk ranked against same gender only)

Gym Rank (Total Points)/Finish in Open in Athlete’s Division

1(23)/421 Bridget Armstrong
1 (23)/915 Justin Endres
3 (27)/622 Katie Falkowski
4 (28)/ 2 Eva Kuchinsky
5 (30)/1451 Craig Machnik
6 (36)/ 2112 Pablo Martinez
7 (47)/– Tim Lewis 
8 (54)/ 3567 Jason Parrent
9 (62)/ 3666 Chris Johnson
10 (64)/ 2727 Jeremy Nichols


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