CFHY Leader Board and Notable Performances in 15.3

Great job to all who participated in 15.3!  It was amazing to see people push their limits and get after the workout in both the scaled and RX categories.  Below are this week’s top performance and the Spirit of the Open winner.  Also should be noted and celebrated is Eva Kuchinsky who is currently ranked second in the Northeast in the Teenage Girls Age 14-15 category!  We are extremely proud of her and all of our athletes for giving their best effort each week!

This Week’s Winners Are:

Top Performance in 15.3:

Pablo Martinez with 321 reps

Spirit of the Open:

Linny Clancy

Although new to CrossFit, at age 14 Linny took on the challenge of the Open with the goal to give each workout her best effort.  Not knowing what the teenage division would entail, and with the knowledge that there were many movements she still hadn’t learned or mastered- Linny has approached the Open with a sense of fearlessness, positivity, and determination rivaled by few.  In 15.1 Linny learned how to clean and jerk, in 15.2 she learned how to overhead squat, and in 15.3 she came head to head (sometimes literally) with wall balls.  Many of us know the frustrations of wall balls, and for Linny, at just over 4.5 feet and 75lb- a 10 pound medicine ball to a 9 foot target is no small endeavor.  After reviewing and practicing wall balls Linny decided she was ready for 15.3, even though they were a challenge.  Linny battled wall balls for 14 minutes- never giving up despite many no reps.  In the end she finished with 27 wall balls- and she should be proud of each and every hard fought rep.  The Open is about supporting our community, pushing our limits, going outside of our comfort zone, and never backing down from a challenge.  The indomitable spirit and resiliency that Linny showed in those 14 minutes is a great example to all of us about never giving up, never complaining, and always giving it your all.

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