CFHY March Athlete of the Month: Bridget Armstrong!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for March is Bridget Armstrong.  Bridget is an exemplary example of a woman who embodies the spirit and soul of CrossFit Hyannis, and uses her strength and ability to constantly assist and encourage others.

We have been blessed to have Bridget as a coach at CrossFit Hyannis for several years and she takes on two of the most challenging sessions- Friday nights when everyone’s attention span is wavering with dreams of the weekend, and our fundamentals program.  She is the first coach that new athletes to CFHY encounter, and she welcomes them by both sharing her knowledge and also quelling any fears or misconceptions they have about CrossFit.  Her skill as a coach over the years has continued to develop, and she brings her best to our athletes each time she interacts with them.

But Bridget isn’t receiving the distinguished title of Athlete of the Month for her coaching ability, but rather her ability, mentality, and commitment as an athlete.  Between having a child, a full time job, and coaching classes it can be tough to find time to get in your own training- but Bridget consistently gets to the gym to get in a workout and work on her weaknesses.  Oftentimes this is on her lunch break or before she coaches in the evenings.  It is not easy to train by yourself, yet Bridget shows her commitment and puts in the extra effort to get her training in.

Whether they admit it or not, I think that most (if not all) members of the CrossFit Hyannis community have a profound admiration for Bridget.  Perhaps it’s her namesake arms (get it… Armstrong), her seemingly effortless beauty and grace on the rings, her mind blowing strength, or any of a number other attributes that make Bridget awe inspiring- we all have a great respect for Bridget as both an athlete and a coach.  Amidst all of this, Bridget continues to be one of the humblest athletes around and is always willing to support, encourage, and assist others on their quest to enhanced fitness.

We are extremely lucky to have Bridget as part of our community, and I’m also excited to announce that beginning on Monday she will be taking an even bigger role at the gym as she begins working full time for Ward Construction and CrossFit Hyannis.

Congrats Bridget on being Athlete of the Month and on your new role- the best is yet to come!NicoleBedardPhotography_FB-29

© 2015 Michelle Kaye Photography

© 2015 Michelle Kaye Photography



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