CFHY March Athlete of the Month: Christina Pagella

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for March is Christina Pagella. Christina is an amazing athlete and gymnast, and continues to show her dedication to pursuing excellence and taking on challenges head on.   Whether it’s a CrossFit competition, mud run, 5k or any other activity- Christina has a willingness to say “yes” to events that push her.  After a lifetime of being a gymnast, Christina came into CrossFit with great body awareness and strength- and she only continues to get better as time goes on. In addition to having a full time job, Christina also coaches 10-15 hours a week at Cape Cod Gymnastics helping children to hone their skills.

Christina herself is extremely coachable- always asking and accepting feedback on how to move better and more efficiently. She initially picks movements up quickly, but never stops there- continuing to practice until she sees marked improvement. She recently got her first muscle up, after working various drills and through consistent practice. She continues to work to improver her toes to bar, butterfly pull-ups, handstand pushups, strength work, and endurance- knowing that each step toward better movement helps to make her a better CrossFitter and athlete.

Christina is blessed with innate athleticism and a good work ethic. In order to be successful in CrossFit and in life it’s imperative that you not only have raw talent and ability but also you have a willingness to work hard- Christina has all of this and the positive attitude to go with it. We are lucky to have her at CrossFit Hyannis!

Christina and Ed HSPU

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