CFHY March Athlete of the Month: Eva Kuchinsky

The athlete of the month for March is Eva Kuchinsky.  At age 14, Eva was our youngest CrossFit Open competitor and has been working hard since beginning CrossFit to pursue excellence and virtuosity in all movements.  With a background in competitive gymnastics Eva has great body awareness and was ready to dive in when starting CrossFit.

With her gymnastics background movements like pull-ups, toes to bar, and hand stand push ups came somewhat naturally to Eva- what’s perhaps more impressive is her enormous strength gains since beginning CrossFit.  At age 14 with an over 200lb deadlift and well over bodyweight back squat, it’s exciting to think about where she will go.

When asked if she would like to do the Open, Eva decided to rise to the challenge and commit to putting herself out there.  As we all know competing can be scary at times, and the Open certainly lives up to the CrossFit ideal of being unknown and unknowable.  Eva attacked each WOD and finished the Open 10/62 in the world and 2nd in the Northeast for 14 year old girls.  Over the course of the last five weeks she did her first snatches, overhead squats, and chest to bar pull-ups.  She completed each WOD as prescribed, and made her father Gary, her coaches, and all of the CFHY community proud through her efforts.  She is also signed up for another competition this spring, and we’re excited to have her represent CFHY again.

Congrats to Eva for being the CrossFit Hyannis March Athlete of the Month!!!

Thrusters and Burpees!!!

Eva and Gary after 14.5



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